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You’re sitting at a local pub.

You scan the menu for all of those pub classics that are washed down perfectly with a beer or two. Your eyes land on that coveted classic that promises a mix of toasted bread with a soft, chewy texture that encases sweet grilled onions, fresh salad and that all-important star of the show – a tender, flavourful cut of steak.

For any steak sandwich lover, you know what comes next. A thick, moreish slice of heaven, or a limp, chewy and unbalanced slab of disappointment.

It all stems from the fact that the humble but loved steak sandwich tends to get relegated to the lower-quality cuts of steak. But that is changing quickly.

Pubs and restaurants have cottoned on to the collective’s love of high-quality beef, cracking condiments, fresh salad and yummy soft bread, and have responded with gusto. You’re more likely to find super high-quality beef, semi exotic cheeses and condiments, and mind-blowing creations that turn the pub classic on its head.

From the traditional …

For private chef Christine Casey from Black Salt Culinary in Brisbane – whom you can find on private chef platform Gathar – the perfect steak sandwich is a dish steeped in tradition. 

But she says high-quality, flavour-packed ingredients are a must.

“I’d go fairly traditional,” Christine says.

“My ideal steak sandwich would be a thick layer of liptauer cheese spread on to a slice of toasted double milk bread from Tamborine Mountain Bakery.

“The cheese will start to melt and go creamy and saucy upon contact with the steak.”

For the all-important cut of beef, Christine says you can’t go past a beautifully cooked and tender grass-fed ribeye steak. Then it’s all about the accoutrements that enhance the flavours with every bite.

“I’d go for a grass-fed ribeye with homemade beetroot relish, lightly pickled pink onions, cos hearts, a slice of seasoned beefsteak tomato, a couple of slices of smoked cheddar and Glasseye Creek Wild Meat Sauce – on the top piece of toast only.”

… to the luxurious

Traditions are made to be broken, aren’t they?

If you ever find yourself at Japanese restaurant Niku Ou in Melbourne, you would be mad not to order the A5 Kobe Chateaubriand steak sandwich.

Well, mad is a bit of an overreaction. Considering the dish clocks in at $228, it might take a bit of convincing for whomever is taking care of the bill.

But the claims it is Australia’s best steak sandwich are warranted.

Two generous slices of A5 beef are prepared in a Katsu-style sandwich. Chateaubriand is traditionally a centre-cut fillet from the tenderloin. In this case, it’s cooked to a perfect rare to medium rare. There is also a special sauce the kitchen says is a top secret recipe. It’s then sprinkled with edible gold flakes and served with yummy thick slices of pickle.

In fact, the Katsu-style steak sandwich is a trend diners are latching on to, with many versions and takes appearing at Japanese restaurants across the world.

We’ll take just the one, thanks.

Recipe: Traditional gourmet steak sandwich



  1. Toast the double milk bread and spread a generous amount of the goat’s cheese onto the bottom slice of your sandwich.
  2. Season the ribeye with salt and pepper, and pan-fry or grill to your desired doneness. A tender medium-rare is recommended.
  3. Place the steak onto the cheese-smeared slice of toast, then load up your sandwich with the smoked cheddar cheese, beetroot relish, the pickled pink onions, a few cos lettuce hearts and a thick tomato slice.
  4. Smear a generous amount of sauce on the top layer of toast, and cap off your steak sandwich.