As most of us continued to spend more time eating in, cooking at home and experimenting in the kitchen this year, we were thrilled to provide recipe inspiration and cooking tips to millions of beef aficionados around the world.

Now that we’re all (finally) able to flock back to our favourite eateries, we’re excited to revisit the topics and trends that were the most popular among our readers. You won’t find any sourdough recipes on Steak School, and that’s the way we like it.

Here are our 10 most-read articles of 2021.

10. Why You Should Rest Your Steak After Cooking

medium rare steak sliced on a marble chopping board











If you cook steaks on the regular it might seem obvious, but for many first timers it’s not immediately clear why (and how long) you should let your steak rest. After all, once you’ve just cooked up a searing hot, juicy steak it can be hard to resist diving right in.

But allowing your steak extra time to rest lets the juices flow throughout and gives you a juicier, more tender piece of meat.

Here, Gavin from Another Food Blogger explains why you should always rest your steak after you cook it. .

9. What Cut Of Beef Is Tri Tip? 

tri tip steak on the barbecue being poked by metal tongs











One of the lesser known cuts of the beef world, many of you were curious about tri tip and how to cook it. This cut is similar in taste and texture to brisket, but has the advantage of taking a lot less time to cook.

Sometimes dubbed “the poor man’s brisket”, here’s everything you need to know about your new favourite cut, tri tip.

8. How To Reverse Sear The Perfect Medium Rare Steak 

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One of the most popular methods of cooking steak, the reverse sear is a tried and true way of achieving a perfect medium-rare steak every time.

While the traditional method is to sear a steak in the pan, the reverse sear flips it on its head and starts the steaks in the oven or smoker first. Only when the steaks have reached their desired temperature are they finished on the grill.

This method works best on thick cuts, like a tomahawk or a bone-in ribeye. Check out this guide to reverse searing and watch and learn how it’s done.  

7. The Perfect Steak Preparation 

bone in rib eye steak with a close up of a hand holding rosemary











With so many different approaches to cooking a great steak, what exactly do the experts recommend when it comes to salting, searing and resting your meat? In this popular article we got the lowdown from four steak experts – a fourth generation farmer, a food operations manager for a steakhouse, a private dining chef and a home cook steak aficionado – on what they define as the perfect steak preparation.

Here’s what they said.

6. What’s The Best Way To Defrost Steak?

raw steak on ice cubes with parsley on the side











We’ve all done this before. You come home from a big day at work and, without planning dinner in advance, see a steak in the freezer and decide that’s what you want to eat. But now you have to wait for it to defrost – and it feels like forever.

But you don’t have to die of hunger if you know how to thaw it correctly.

While there’s no getting around the fact that the best way to defrost steak is in the fridge overnight, here’s what you can do if you’re in a hurry – and what not to do.

5. That Red Liquid On Your Steak Isn’t Blood

medium rare steak, sliced on a black plate with cherry tomatoes











“I don’t want blood coming out of my steak!”

Neither do we! This is one of the biggest misconceptions about red meat. Contrary to popular belief, that red juice on your plate is not blood.

Luckily, we got to the bottom of what it really is.

4. What Are The Best Cuts Of Beef For Slow Cooking?

pie with slow cooked meat carved and open










What’s not to love about juicy, tender meat that pulls apart at the push of a button? Not just for the chilly season, slow cookers are a godsend to have in the kitchen all year around.

But like all meats, some cuts are tougher than others and require a bit more preparation – and time – to break down properly.

In this article we listed all the best cuts of beef for slow cooking, and provided readers with our tips for slow cooking success. Check it out!

3. Which Cuts Of Steak Have The Least Fat?

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This is always a popular topic, especially around the new year when people have conscious decisions to change their diet. Bef is often thought of as quite fatty, therefore some may decide to consume less.

But there is a huge range of leaner beef cuts that offer just as much flavour as their fattier counterparts. Like all good things, moderation is key.

Get the lowdown on which cuts of beef offer less fat and the recommended cooking methods.

2. What Cut Of Beef Is Picanha?

close up of three picanha steaks on a white plate with salt











Our second most popular article this year was all about picanha, the king of meats, and a cut that you’ll find more and more on fancy steakhouse menus.

Picanha, or rump cap as it is also called, is an incredibly prized cut of meat in Brazil that can be cooked as a whole roast, sliced into individual steaks or traditionally skewered and grilled on a barbecue. It’s super tender and tasty, and one of the best cuts of steak going around. And for good reason.

Find out more about why we love picanha steak.

1. What Are The Best Cuts Of Steak In The Supermarket?

sliced medium rare beef on a wooden board with a rosemary sprig on the side











We’re not surprised that our most popular article of 2021 featured all the best steak cuts in the supermarket, what they’re called around the world and how to cook them.

From scotch fillet to Florentine, we dive into every delicious steak you’ve ever eaten and what each cut has to offer. Think of it as your Steak 101.

Beef up your knowledge and get cooking.