Burgers can be as simple or complicated as you want them to be. Whether it’s the sum of all of the ingredients in your fridge or just a couple of core components – there’s an option for every mood and appetite. Here’s our favourite five beef burger recipes to try out at home.


Peter Augustus Craft Butcher in Brisbane


Peter Augustus craft butcher in Brisbane

1. Grain fed ground beef burger

Beef burger with bacon and mushrooms
In this recipe by Nick Lockyer – the Executive Chef at Sandstone Point Hotel – the quality of the beef is really showcased. The burger pattie is comprised of three cuts – brisket, chuck and striploin. The brisket and chuck are less commonly known cuts of meat, and the striploin gives the pattie a different flavour profile. Served with cheese, lettuce, bacon and a good quality tomato relish, it’s a winning dish which will appeal to the whole family. Read the recipe here.

2. Red Hook’s special brisket burger

Red Hook Brisket Burger
If you’ve been to Brisbane’s Red Hook restaurant, you’ll know the quality and decadence of the burgers on offer. In this recipe by Head Chef Vinny Clist, the brisket is slow cooked with a dry rub for 12 hours, before rolling it up to set in a log for slicing into patties. Finally, you sear the patties on the grill before assembling with assorted ingredients. It’s worth the effort! Read the recipe here. 

3. The ultimate Aussie beef burger

The People's Burger
In an effort to bring to you the ultimate Aussie burger, we hit the streets to find out exactly what it needed. This one features a pre-made patty (we used Diamantina Wagyu), a brioche bun, truffle aioli, barbecue sauce, lettuce, cheese, beetroot (of course) and gherkin. Read the recipe here.

4. Aged Wagyu beef burger

Aged wagyu beef burger
The masters at The Meating Room in Brisbane’s Teneriffe created this one. They’ve gone for a mixture of Wagyu beef mince, chuck mince, and aged beef fat (available at most good butchers) for the patty. The rest of the burger is pretty simple, letting the juicy beef patty steal the show. Once you have the ingredients, this is surprisingly easy to make. Read the recipe here. 

5. House made beef mince burger

Ground beef burger
The O.G of home made burgers. You take a pack of lean mince, add an egg, season, and bind. This is a weeknight staple that can be filled with your favourite flavours. Read the recipe here.